Pressure in society

There are masses amounts of pressure upon each and every individual in society so that you can ‘fit in’ and ‘look beautiful’. But for what? Who are you trying to impress in all seriousness?

Modern day society is supposedly trying to encourage our youth to be individuals and to be themselves, but how is that actually possible? Everyone around us, at schools, colleges, work places and even families judge us. Wherever we turn, there they are, laughing, crying, anything to merely embarrass us. Hence why young individuals do not want to be claimed as being individual, unique- everyone wants to be a sheep, identical in every way shape and form. For instance, everyone in society is constantly paranoid of what others think of them and don’t want to be the one, the only one who stands out in the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, some people do want to be individual and trust me that is an amazing thing, doing things that others are too shy and timid to do.  Modern society is making us human beings ashamed of what we were born to be. Do not criticise others because of their appearance, ask yourself this: How would I feel if they were making me feel low about myself? The little things matter, you never know what someone’s life is like behind closed doors, so don’t judge them!

Additionally, another way that the pressure is heightened in society is through the use of relationships. You are expected to be in a relationship because if not people just assume things, right? But is it really that bad just being happy with yourself with no complications involved, because if you ask me that is a better way of living your life. Living your life how you want to live it enables you to get more from your life. Alternatively, if you want a relationship, good for you! Do what makes you most happy with your life because life is short (cliché, I know). All I am saying is don’t let others pressure you into things that you are ready for, take things at your own pace. When you were practicing to ride a bike when you were younger were you forced to ride? No, you took it at your own pace, it is exactly the same here.

Furthermore, other pressures that teens may face in society is exams. People think “What if I fail this exam? My life is over!”- Haha, trust me it is not, at the end of the day it is just an exam to prove your memory skills. There are other paths to take, it’s not a one way route to hell, so don’t just assume that it is. Your life is what you make it as mentioned in previous blog posts. Just don’t make your self physically and mentally unstable because of the pressure that you are facing day in and out because at the end of the day you can only achieve your best, nobody can ask for more than that.

That’s all for today! Feel free to leave feedback, is it going well or not? Also, what kind of posts do you guys want to read? I’m not really sure and am just going with the flow haha.

Leah x


One Reply to “Pressure in society”

  1. I love posts like these! In today’s society teenagers are expected to pretty much be perfect… and if they aren’t they get to feel embarrassed. If you don’t look a certain way, you don’t fit in and get made fun of. I’ve always been very underweight all through high school. I remember getting told to keep starving myself, or to go eat a hamburger. I couldn’t help how much I weighed because I had a really fast metabolism. So I can really relate to this post! Good job!


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