Hello there, and welcome to my blog. First of all, when I usually post they will not be the same as this one, in fact future blog posts will be totally different as this is just informing you all a few things about myself and why I feel that it is necessary to make a blog. Don’t worry, it’s not somewhere for me to express my feelings because that wouldn’t be very beneficial for you guys.

Anyway, let’s get onto the introduction! This is my little space in the world-wide web, welcome!

My names Leah, just a regular sixteen year old really with goals that are really out there haha. I grew up (and are still growing up) in the UK in a town that isn’t very well-known to people, and if I am completely honest, i hate it here. And so, the goals for my future in particular are to go to university and qualify as a teacher (or doctor, I’m not quite sure yet) and move to America! Ah America!

However, it’s not that simple, not yet anyway. Right now I am currently in year 11 at school and in about a months time I will be taking me GCSES (Ah, scary!!) but i am determined. No matter what i will get there, I have to.

So, Why did I make a blog?

Well, to be honest I want to record my journey. I want my life to be special. I want to live life to the full (cliché, i know), and i felt that if i was to write all of this down to an actual audience then it might be considered as real! Realistic.

Hopefully, I am aiming to upload on here at least once a week i am not sure which day yet, it will probably be a Saturday because school being school decides to take up all my time which sucks. Revision sucks too.

The posts that I upload will preferably be based on the future and maybe topics that are based on school. Also, i will include topics that all girls are supposed to love if you wish (baking?, makeup, clothes etc), anything that will keep you guys interested! But I’m actually looking forward to starting this blog and I’m hoping and praying that people actually read it (how awkward if nobody actually sees this).

What’s with the name?

Well, guess. Go on, guess.

I like pineapples. Who would have thought it ay? At the minute I get it, it’s not a very intriguing blog, but stay. If you stay you will find out what me and my tiny little blog have to offer for you, and maybe your friends. But you never know how something is if you haven’t tried it. Right?

Anyway, my little pineapples, hopefully you’re reading this and your immdiate thought was ‘hey, that’s pretty good’ (oh dear, what am i?).

Ways to contact me: 

Instagram- @pineapplechunksblog

Twitter- @pineapplechuncs

Speak soon,

leah xx


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