Pressure in society

There are masses amounts of pressure upon each and every individual in society so that you can ‘fit in’ and ‘look beautiful’. But for what? Who are you trying to impress in all seriousness?

Modern day society is supposedly trying to encourage our youth to be individuals and to be themselves, but how is that actually possible? Everyone around us, at schools, colleges, work places and even families judge us. Wherever we turn, there they are, laughing, crying, anything to merely embarrass us. Hence why young individuals do not want to be claimed as being individual, unique- everyone wants to be a sheep, identical in every way shape and form. For instance, everyone in society is constantly paranoid of what others think of them and don’t want to be the one, the only one who stands out in the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, some people do want to be individual and trust me that is an amazing thing, doing things that others are too shy and timid to do.  Modern society is making us human beings ashamed of what we were born to be. Do not criticise others because of their appearance, ask yourself this: How would I feel if they were making me feel low about myself? The little things matter, you never know what someone’s life is like behind closed doors, so don’t judge them!

Additionally, another way that the pressure is heightened in society is through the use of relationships. You are expected to be in a relationship because if not people just assume things, right? But is it really that bad just being happy with yourself with no complications involved, because if you ask me that is a better way of living your life. Living your life how you want to live it enables you to get more from your life. Alternatively, if you want a relationship, good for you! Do what makes you most happy with your life because life is short (cliché, I know). All I am saying is don’t let others pressure you into things that you are ready for, take things at your own pace. When you were practicing to ride a bike when you were younger were you forced to ride? No, you took it at your own pace, it is exactly the same here.

Furthermore, other pressures that teens may face in society is exams. People think “What if I fail this exam? My life is over!”- Haha, trust me it is not, at the end of the day it is just an exam to prove your memory skills. There are other paths to take, it’s not a one way route to hell, so don’t just assume that it is. Your life is what you make it as mentioned in previous blog posts. Just don’t make your self physically and mentally unstable because of the pressure that you are facing day in and out because at the end of the day you can only achieve your best, nobody can ask for more than that.

That’s all for today! Feel free to leave feedback, is it going well or not? Also, what kind of posts do you guys want to read? I’m not really sure and am just going with the flow haha.

Leah x


What could the future possibly hold?

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be successful? Do you feel upbeat? Do you get the hype? Not everyone experiences this pleasant feeling, many are highly dissatisfied with the lives that have been handed to them, not all, don’t get me wrong many of you beautiful people may enjoy your life, good for you! But unfortunately, others aren’t as fortunate as you. Too scared to change their stories. Please don’t be scared, your life is what you make it. Reach for the stars, don’t come back until you have what you went up for in the very first place, because I tell you now it will be worth it in the end. There is always light at the end of a dark, dismal tunnel.

Me? I have never experienced this heart skipping feeling, but I would truly like to. And that brings us onto the subject of our blog post today. Exams and goals that I would love to achieve in the near future (hopefully).

As I have previously mentioned in the ‘introductory’ blog I am currently a year eleven student who will soon be partaking in GCSES. The GCSES that I will soon be taking are: English language, English literature, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), History, ICT, Hospitality and Catering, and finally Health and social care (which is a BTEC, not a GCSE). The target grades that I have been set are A/A*’s which is highly frightening for myself because yes, even though I am putting in quite a lot of work I don’t believe that I will be able to achieve these grades, especially in maths due to the fact I am with the new 9-1 system which I have found extremely difficult.

Additionally, another reason to why the pressure is on for me is because of my goals for the future. In years to come, I am aiming to emigrate to either America or New Zealand and so I need outstanding qualifications to enable me to get an astonishing job, to be able to provide and put something in the country that is needed. One problem is that I was going to train to become a doctor without having realized you need A-level chemistry -one of my most hated subjects.

Have you ever felt like your whole world has come crashing down on you? Demolishing every piece of your soul, like it meant nothing.

I need the light at the end of the tunnel.

Before I had come across this little complication I was going to take Biology, History and Psychology for A-level and that’s because, if I am honest, they are my favorite subjects. Everyone says you should do what you love, right?

But, doing what I love is not going to get me where I want to be. Out of this crappy little town, I’ll be stuck. Here forever.

What about you? Ask yourself this:

Have I ever felt successful?

Am I successful and satisfied with my current life?

If the answer is no, please do not panic- whatever you do, don’t panic please. I am actually on my knees begging you. Come with me, join me. The people who need to be successful and more satisfied with their way of living must change their ways, that is if it’s really what you want.

We can do this, together.

Thank you for reading you lovely bunch! Feel free to express your thoughts on this post down below, please tell me if I am not doing this right, I am still trying to get the hang of things haha. Also!! If any of you know of any good careers that would enable you to emigrate please do let me know!

Speak soon,

Leah x


Hello there, and welcome to my blog. First of all, when I usually post they will not be the same as this one, in fact future blog posts will be totally different as this is just informing you all a few things about myself and why I feel that it is necessary to make a blog. Don’t worry, it’s not somewhere for me to express my feelings because that wouldn’t be very beneficial for you guys.

Anyway, let’s get onto the introduction! This is my little space in the world-wide web, welcome!

My names Leah, just a regular sixteen year old really with goals that are really out there haha. I grew up (and are still growing up) in the UK in a town that isn’t very well-known to people, and if I am completely honest, i hate it here. And so, the goals for my future in particular are to go to university and qualify as a teacher (or doctor, I’m not quite sure yet) and move to America! Ah America!

However, it’s not that simple, not yet anyway. Right now I am currently in year 11 at school and in about a months time I will be taking me GCSES (Ah, scary!!) but i am determined. No matter what i will get there, I have to.

So, Why did I make a blog?

Well, to be honest I want to record my journey. I want my life to be special. I want to live life to the full (cliché, i know), and i felt that if i was to write all of this down to an actual audience then it might be considered as real! Realistic.

Hopefully, I am aiming to upload on here at least once a week i am not sure which day yet, it will probably be a Saturday because school being school decides to take up all my time which sucks. Revision sucks too.

The posts that I upload will preferably be based on the future and maybe topics that are based on school. Also, i will include topics that all girls are supposed to love if you wish (baking?, makeup, clothes etc), anything that will keep you guys interested! But I’m actually looking forward to starting this blog and I’m hoping and praying that people actually read it (how awkward if nobody actually sees this).

What’s with the name?

Well, guess. Go on, guess.

I like pineapples. Who would have thought it ay? At the minute I get it, it’s not a very intriguing blog, but stay. If you stay you will find out what me and my tiny little blog have to offer for you, and maybe your friends. But you never know how something is if you haven’t tried it. Right?

Anyway, my little pineapples, hopefully you’re reading this and your immdiate thought was ‘hey, that’s pretty good’ (oh dear, what am i?).

Ways to contact me: 

Instagram- @pineapplechunksblog

Twitter- @pineapplechuncs

Speak soon,

leah xx